17th Angel


All of ep 24 recreated with Sims 2

Part 1 Nico Nico nicozon

Part 2 Nico Nico nicozon

Part 3 Nico Nico nicozon

Part 4 Nico Nico nicozon

Part 5 Nico Nico nicozon

Part 6 Nico Nico nicozon

Part 7 Nico Nico nicozon

Part 8 Nico Nico nicozon

I prefer the comments on Nico Nico, but nicozon doesn’t require a login. Either way, you need to watch this. 

Characters in Evangelion


Groundwork of Evangelion 3.0 #02

Release date August. 

Why is Shinji not on the cover!?


evangelion and madoka magica items for sale at volks! there are also lots of angel items in animate and new eva micro phonecases with kaworu. they had the most incredible masking tapes featurong gendou glaring, caution signs with the angels faces in silhouette, and the iconic emergency signs, but i couldn’t get any photos sadly.

message for price quotes and more information. this photo was posted on 6/22. be aware that anime items sell out fast and if you see this post later they may be sold out!


why the hell did i decide to make this lineless i could’ve had an easy life

also i’d like to point out that tumblr split this right at kaworu’s crotch. amazing.

wonderful paper texture by nevermoregraphix 


Evangelion 3.33 - You Can (Not) Redo

Red is passionate, the color of hearts and flames. It attracts our attention, and is the most recognizable color.


Happy birthday Shinji!

"Stop that, you bastards!  No!"


The contents of E-mono are what you would expect


They are organized into product type/ character


It even has a poster


And some official art that has been lost to time


Remember when collectible phone cards were the staple of the anime industry?

The Kaworu in that image is actually wearing a very revealing shirt. How erotic!




purikura were very literal in the 90’s


This image was way out of context which only adds to the mystery 

I have that phone card. I always just thought he was naked. (Interesting way they choose to frame the original image there)

The famous Third Child.

NGE Episodes in a Nutshell
Episode 1: Get in the robot, son.
Episode 2: Shinji gets in the robot.
Episode 3: Shinji gets pummeled at school.
Episode 4: NO! WAIT! I AM A COWARD! I AM DISHONEST! *is pulled away*
Episode 5: Blue opera laser jewel attack, Pt 1.
Episode 6: Blue opera laser jewel attack, Pt 2.
Episode 7: Misato gets in the robot.
Episode 8: Wunderbar! It's Asuka time!
Episode 9: Shinji and Asuka: the sitcom.
Episode 10: Shitty science lesson everyone knows about.
Episode 11: Holy fuck is that spider crying acid rain.
Episode 12: I think that angel is staring at me.
Episode 13: When u angel com and hack hte system.
Episode 14: Angel status report.
Episode 15: Misato and Kaji hook back up.
Episode 16: Shinji mind fuck.
Episode 17: Who da fuq is the 4th child.
Episode 18: Oh shit, my schoolmate is piloting a robot too.
Episode 20: Shinji thinks about the boob.
Episode 21: SEELE origins.
Episode 22: Asuka mind fuck.
Episode 23: Rei mind fuck.
Episode 24: Gay Space Jesus arrives.
Episode 25: Wtf is goin on, Pt 1.
Episode 26: Wtf is goin on, Pt 2.


Sooo I’m back from my unannounced hiatus. And I bring you a bunch of NGE doodles. Including two sketches based on that Donnie Darko/Eva crossover thing I was supposed to write a post about but didn’t because I’m a horrible human being. I’m so sorry wheres-the-phone