17th Angel

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Finally a Rebuild theory that makes sense. (The Ronald Reagan part that is)
Lack of Insight


Pairing: Ikari Shinji/Nagisa Kaworu

Rating: T

Summary: All colour drains from his previously flushed face. What if someone had heard? Stupid boy.


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Three days and two nights.

Three days and two nights, they’d been changing paths as often as possible, doing everything from tailing merchant caravans to stumbling down long-forgotten hunting trails in their attempts to elude the Council of Thirteen’s templars that had been on their backs since he’d made his presence in the citadel known. In the process, he’d gone from guiding, to supporting, to carrying Shinji as the slow-acting poison collar continued to do its evil work.

Finally, as night fell for the third time, Kaworu finally stopped to make camp. He didn’t know if he’d put enough distance and trickery between them and their pursuers, but it would have to do. Shinji wasn’t going to last any longer.

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Eva Cafe/Diner AU


Okok it was really slow at work so I thought up of this AU and I’m sorry if it’s bad; I suck at writing fanfiction stuff asdfghjkl;;; 

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Kaworu gently caressed Shinji’s body as he left a trail of kisses across his collar bone. Shinji gasped, his face a deep shade of crimson. "Kaworu-kun…""Shinji-kun, i am new to this human form of courtship, i learned that music helps" He said huskily as he took Shinji’s SDAT player from his pocket and started playing nyancat.Shinji went more flacid than a noodle


Kaworu gently caressed Shinji’s body as he left a trail of kisses across his collar bone. Shinji gasped, his face a deep shade of crimson. 
"Shinji-kun, i am new to this human form of courtship, i learned that music helps" He said huskily as he took Shinji’s SDAT player from his pocket and started playing nyancat.
Shinji went more flacid than a noodle


Evangelion in a nutshell


Evangelion in a nutshell

Happy Whether You Like It or Not: Ch. 2


dis goes out to all the manipulated shinjis out ther.  don’t let the kaworu get you down!



Chapter 1

“Shinji-kun?  Would you like your sandwich sliced in half or diagonally?”

Shaking, the Third Child stands.  He has had enough of this brute.  Now, he makes a stands.

“None,” Shinji whispers.  “I won’t have it anymore.  I won’t let you manipulate me with… “

He spits the word like venom.  “Niceness.”

Liquid worry invades Kaworu’s gaze.  “Shinji-kun, I was only- “

In one swing of the arm, Shinji knocks aside the plate.

“I know what you’re trying to do!” he shrieks.  “I know what you’re planning!”

Kaworu bends down to pick up the sandwich.

“Oh!”  Shinji points.  “Oh, I see!  So you’re going to feed my that sandwich, even though it fell on the floor!”

“Shinji-kun, I know you like the floor spotle- “

“I don’t care!” the boy bellows.  “I know you’re trying to make me sick!  It doesn’t matter how nice you are, and how much you say you love me, and how you don’t follow your angel instincts and reduce the world to orangeade!  I might have nothing but a shady smile to go on, but you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to read closely into it like my life depends on it!!!  Now pick up that sandwich, and make me another, so I can accuse you of wasting food!”

The broom closet door slams.  Sighing, Kaworu drops the sandwich in the garbage and takes out two more slices of bread.


Title: Oops
Rating: K? 
Word Count: 466
Summary: Shinji catches a glimpse of Kaworu while they are changing for synch testing. The image refuses to leave his mind. (Inspired by this prompt)

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my kawoshin playlist

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wait for me when i’m born too late.


title: wait for me when i’m born too late.
word count: 356
summary: The oldest man on the street will tell you that the ghost has been there for forty years. Maybe a poltergeist, some people say, but the popular story is a weeping boy. No one wants to live somewhere so sad.
note: I love ghosts. I want to write all of the ghost stories. So many ghost stories.

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graduation day.


 “I’ve decided this will be the one,” Kaworu says with a smile. His eyes glow like heated blood in the amber sunlight streaming through the window. “I have a plan this time.”

“Implying that you haven’t had a plan all those times before?” Homura accepts the can of coffee from him and primly pops off the tab. “I’ve seen your sketches and notes on the walls. You’ve had many plans.”

“You don’t sound very enthusiastic for me,” Kaworu says, but there’s a laugh in his words that makes them ring soft and pleasant. “And besides, those were faulty plans. This one isn’t.”

Fandom(s): Evangelion, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Rating: T
Word count: 6,604
Summary: Two time-travelers meet at the in-between of two different worlds, but their purpose is forever the same - to make their precious person happy. [Kaworu and Homura form an unlikely friendship. Evangelion+Madoka crossover. Mentions of self-harm. Inspired by this fanart.]

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a/n: manga ending au for Shinji’s b-day ideas which i guess turned into a fic? ?? whoopsie daisy…

words: 1.063 

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Title: Bringing You Happiness (Chapter 1)
Rating: R-18
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3
Words: 2,418
Summary: Three ways that Nagisa Kaworu manages to make Shinji happy. A fic in three parts, spanning the three canons, shameless smut involved.
Notes: This is the realisation of my previous Kawoshin headcanons, which can be found here. My first smut, awesome. I’m just gonna…hide my head now.

Shinji wonders what he’s doing.

It’s very early morning, or very late night, judging by the glowing red digits propped upon the nightstand, and he should have been asleep hours ago. Instead, he’s staring up at the ceiling, feeling tired and sleepy, but whenever he closes his eyes it feels like more of an effort than to keep them open. A soft mountain of hair brushes against his shoulder, and the inhale-exhale of Kaworu’s breath sends warm air against his bare arm.

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