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Greetings you amazing human being :D I was actually wondering if you knew anywhere to read/download Cassino kawoshin doujinshi online?? I hate not being able to buy them, but my credit card account is not up to me to use for my personal uses and their books are pretty hard to find but ARE SO BEAUTIFUL ugh. If you can't help that's fine <3 thank you for reading!!


Cassino Doujinshi Round Up

Warning : All of Cassino’s doujinshi are NSFW except for Nagisa-kun to Ikari-kun. The manga continuity (everything except Untitled(NGE TV), Fly Me to the Moon(NGE TV), Nagisa-kun to Ikari-kun (Rebuild), and Starlight (Rebuild) is also noncon/dubcon. In chronological order, they are…

No? : Scanlated
No: under : Scanlated
And down and down : Scanlated | Version 2
Pick Around (Artbook) : Scanned
Untitled : Scanlated
Mauve (antho w/ other artists) : Scanlated
Lock n’ Up! : Scanlated
Fly Me to the Moon : Unavailable (Why didn’t I pre-order this from Toronoana when I had the chance?!)
Only If : Scanlated
Edit #2012 (compilation of Untitled/Lock N’ Up/Mauve & new bonus material) : Chinese Scanlation
Nagisa-kun to Ikari-kun Ga Ichaichashiteru Hon : Scanlated
Endlight : Scanlated
Starlight : Scanlated
With a Plugsuit Ripped Like This What is Shinji-kun to Do : Coming Soon

You’ll need an account at Livejournal or Aarinfantasy to view/download some of these, but all accounts are free. You can find other doujinshi links under my Doujinshi tag.

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