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How good are the Rebuild movies compared to the original series?
The Rebuild movies are pretty good, but I much prefer the original series. You just can’t get the same level of depth & character development in a compressed movie format as you can with a 26 episode + movies series.

The movies are very pretty to watch, however, and 3.0 went off in a completely separate direction from the TV series, so you’ll be getting a very different experience from watching the TV series there.

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  1. metasexual said: I think thats a good way to describe it. The Rebuild condenses and condenses well, while the series is much more fleshed out. I appreciated how streamlined the movies have been, but missed the narrative depth/character development the series offers
  2. trelobita said: 2.0 also went off in a very different direction, I think. There are lots of differences, both glaring and subtle. And don’t forget Mari! :)
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